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Do Leaflet Drops Work?

Companies have been using this method of marketing for many years and despite technological advances, this form of direct marketing does work if done properly. That means a good campaign idea, professional leaflet design, targeted areas  and a trustworthy delivery team.

What is the Conversion Rate?

To convert customers you need all of the above to increase your chances of success. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 45% of people keep hold of leaflets so if your campaign has been well planned, you should benefit from this type of marketing. It is difficult to give an actual figure on conversion rates because it varies so much and a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration.

What is a Shared Leaflet Distribution?

This is when leaflets are delivered through a letterbox along with at least one other leaflet from another company. This is cheaper than a solus distribution but has less flexibility in choosing your exact areas as it has to fit in with other customers too.

What is a Solus Leaflet Distribution?

You might also hear it called a "solo" distribution. This means your flyer will be the only one delivered through the letterbox on that delivery. Although more costly, it has more impact than the shared option. You can choose the exact areas you wish to drop which gives the solus an advantage over sharing a delivery.

How Much Does a Leaflet Drop Cost

Our prices are £50 per 1000 leaflets as a base rate but you can find out more about our prices here

Each job is priced individually and a lot depends on the area you wish to cover. In streets where houses are closer together, it will be quicker and subsequently cheaper than those where homes are further apart as we will need to cover a larger area to distribute the same amount of leaflets.

How Can I be Certain all my Leaflets will be Delivered?

We have supervised teams and we are very careful to only employ distributors we can trust hence our excellent reputation.

How Long Will it Take for you to Deliver My Leaflets?

Delivery times are dependent on the size of the leaflet, the area we're covering and the amount of leaflets being distributed. When you make a booking, we can give you an idea of the time it will take.

What Kind of Materials Can You Distribute?

We can deliver many types of materials and not just leaflets. In the past we've delivered paint, toilet rolls, chocolate and even butter in August! We've also undertaken distributions with leaflets that hang on door handles and flyers for car windscreens. So, whatever idea you have in mind for your door to door marketing campaign, we have the expertise and experience to cover it for you.

How Long Will it Take from Booking to Delivery?

Generally, it takes 1 to 2 weeks but we can offer a next day delivery service subject to availability.

Do I Need to Drop the Leaflets Off to You or Will Your Collect?

We can collect your leaflets for a nominal fee or you can courier them to our storage depot in Isleworth (West London). There is a manager on site at our storage facility which is protected with CCTV and electric gates.

Can You Track Deliveries?

We don't use GPS to track deliveries because all our teams are supervised by a crew leader who will ensure all marketing materials are distributed correctly. We don't experience the issues that some flyer delivery companies encounter with non-delivery of leaflets because our teams are paid by the hour rather than the quantity delivered.  

For your peace of mind, we also offer a ride-along option for you if you do wish to come along to witness your leaflets being delivered through the letterboxes.

For an additional fee we can offer back-checks.